One Poem At A Time is an initiative of Project Heal (Health. Equity. Art. Learning), and designed by IDEAS xLab's Cultural Producer & Strategist Hannah Drake. Working with community members, the Smoketown Neighborhood Association and community stakeholders, One Poem At A Time replaces negative/predatory advertising and billboards within the community with positive images and messages depicting Smoketown residents and lifting up their voices.


Project HEAL (Health. Equity. Art. Learning.)


While we intuitively know that we “feel better” when participating in arts and culture events or projects, our scientific knowledge is largely limited to research on art and music therapy. In other words, we know about the impact on the individual. What about on an entire community or city?

IDEAS xLab's community health development model, Project HEAL (Health. Equity. Art. Learning.), introduces arts and culture as the key drivers for learning, action and evaluation by communities seeking to increase civic engagement toward greater participation in policy making and improved wellbeing. 

Project HEAL stands as a proclamation of connection and social justice, establishing the care and celebration of one another as the highest priority of arts in America. 

Smoketown (Louisville, KY) and Natchez, MS are the two Project HEAL  prototype sites with Smoketown being the original. 

Project HEAL has 3 focus impact areas:

1) Catalyze community... create new ways for communities build social and political capital.

2) Move policy... change how decisions are made in organizations and governments.

3) Shift culture... evolve how the health sector thinks of its role in community health development.