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This summer, we want everyone to TRY HEALTH!

TRY Health is an initiative that encourages the community to TRY Health in a way that works for them.

Please join us on the website and Facebook for recipes, inspirational quotes and to share your TRY HEALTH goals, challenges and accomplishments.

For the month of June, we encourage you to eat one fresh fruit or vegetable a day for 30 days. From apple to oranges or collard greens to zucchini, whatever fresh fruit and/or vegetable you enjoy, eat it and Try Health.

For the month of July, we encourage you to do one healthy activity a day. From walking to bicycling or reading a book in the park to jogging, whatever healthy activity you enjoy, we encourage you to do that for the entire month of July one time a day for your overall wellbeing.

For 60 days, be committed to TRY HEALTH!

  The Summer of Justice program is supported by funding from Louisville Metro Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods, the Health Impact Project, and Fund for the Arts.


The Summer of Justice program is supported by funding from Louisville Metro Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods, the Health Impact Project, and Fund for the Arts.


When:    Starting June 8- August 10 2017
               Every Tuesday & Thursday

Where:  Coke Memorial Church (House Building)
               910 S. Jackson St.
               Louisville, KY 40203

(Starting June 20, 5 pm we will meet at above address)

Time:      5:00 pm-7:00 pm

To Sign Up Use the Form Below

For Info Contact: ShawnNika M. Queen
               Project HEAL Community Health Champion
               (502) 439-4427 or email: 

One Poem At A Time is an initiative of Project Heal (Health. Equity. Art. Learning), and designed by IDEAS xLab's Cultural Producer & Strategist Hannah Drake. Working with community members, the Smoketown Neighborhood Association and community stakeholders, One Poem At A Time replaces negative/predatory advertising and billboards within the community with positive images and messages depicting Smoketown residents and lifting up their voices.

Project HEAL (Health. Equity. Art. Learning.) 

Artists make new options visible. Health is culturally created.

These founding beliefs led partners IDEAS xLab, Creative Agents of Change Foundation (CAC), YouthBuild Louisville and the Center for Art + Health Innovation to launch Project HEAL, which utilizes arts-based approaches to achieving health in all policies (HiAP).

Project HEAL focuses on using arts and culture to accelerate the impact of three primary levers of change including of Workforce Development, Education and Community Organizing.

Five years of creative experimentation in the civic and corporate sectors have demonstrated that artists have a key and important role to play in catalyzing and sustaining the movement toward Health in All Policies - an approach to public policies across sectors that systematically takes into account the health and health systems implications of decisions, seeks synergies, and avoids harmful health impacts, in order to improve population health and health equity.

Project HEAL melds these learnings into one holistic process for training a new generation of artists and cultural producers as Creative Agents of Change who use their many forms of artistic practice as tools for reframing how decisions in communities, organizations and governments are made.

Smoketown (Louisville, KY) and Natchez, MS are the two Project HEAL  prototype sites with Smoketown being the original. 

Project HEAL has 3 focus impact areas:

1) Catalyze community... create new ways for communities build social and political capital.

2) Move policy... change how decisions are made in organizations and governments.

3) Shift culture... evolve how the health sector thinks of its role in community health development.

The Project HEAL process incorporates MOTIF – a framework and diagnostic – as a tool for helping artists and Project HEAL partners understand how the artistic practice can help identify community health priorities.

The first and most important step for Project HEAL to be successful is the artist training – which provides them with the tools to be a new form of Health in All Policies champions.

This training demonstrates to artists how arts and culture are a form of engagement, discovery, validation and advocacy thereby creating a new language toward a Culture of Health, creating a feedback loop between those most impacted by policy decisions, policy makers and researchers, and driving experimental new ways for turning science into useable community knowledge.

Project H.E.A.L. is planned as a multi-year project (2016-2020) involving over 30 artists and hundreds of community members, that will ultimately translate into a sustainable, community-driven health equity action plan.