One Poem At A Time is an initiative of Project Heal (Health. Equity. Art. Learning), and designed by IDEAS xLab's Cultural Producer & Strategist Hannah Drake. Working with community members, the Smoketown Neighborhood Association and community stakeholders, One Poem At A Time replaces negative/predatory advertising and billboards within the community with positive images and messages depicting Smoketown residents and lifting up their voices.

“Walking through Smoketown, I was overwhelmed with the signs that filled the community," Hannah Drake said. "Signs encouraging people to sell their homes for cash, signs encouraging those with diabetes to sell their test strips, billboards for a multitude of lawyers, among many others. The signage and messaging in the community did not reflect the Smoketown that I knew, loved and worked in for nearly 20 years.”

IDEAS xLab called on the community and asked residents how often they noticed the billboards and signs in their community? The response was overwhelming with most people always noticing the billboards. When we asked what words came to mind when looking at just the built environment of Smoketown, one person responded, “A community with low self- esteem.”

What is represented in your community speaks to your community, the importance of your community in relation to the overall city and how others view your community, and influences the health of community members. The images that we see daily in our neighborhoods impact our thinking which inevitably impacts our actions. The human mind is divided into two parts, the conscious and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind works while we are awake and conscious. The subconscious on the other hand, is always activated, regulates everything in our body, our character, our speech, and receives and processes information, no matter what we do.  Since this is the case, it is important to make sure the images that we see every day within our community are uplifting, encouraging and inspiring! 

"It is my belief that poetry has the ability to change the world.  Poetry has the ability to inspire, uplift and move people beyond words to actions. It is a tool that speaks to injustice and inequality. Poetry can ask the difficult questions and ignite conversations across all sectors. You take the words of the people coupled with their images and anything is possible. 'The world', as fellow local artist Kiara Watts says, 'is so much better when you can see and hear yourself in it!' One Poem At A Time reflects back to the community the messages that they wanted to speak to and about Smoketown. One Poem At A Time uplifts the images and voices of Smoketown!"

This is Smoketown, a community that is rebuilding and reclaiming its strength, determination and resilience, One Poem At A Time!

On April 1, 2017, One Poem At A Time brought together community residents and policy makers in dialogue around ways to mitigate negative/predatory advertising from happening in low income communities working towards rebuilding and reestablishing their commitment to community.

The launch of One Poem At A Time featured 12 billboards, a Smoketown Poetry Walk and Smoketown Monologues and community conversation. Photos from April 1 below!

A 2nd round of billboards (displayed June - August, 2017) was created through a partnership between IDEAS xLab and the Louisville Metro Department for Public Health and Wellness Diabetes Prevention Program, highlighting food justice, culinary heritage and planting seeds early to cultivate a healthy generation. Learn more here.

It is my belief that poetry has the ability to change the world.
— Hannah L. Drake

One Poem At A Time photos were taken by Hope by Hope, Kertis Creative, Project HEAL artist Shelton McElroy, IDEAS xLab co-founder Josh Miller, Tyrone Turner courtesy of RWJF, and historical photos from the UofL Archives.

Supporters of Project HEAL and One Poem At A Time include:

  • Health Impact Project Implementation Grant from Pew Charitable Trust and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • The Educational Foundation of America
  • Sutherland Foundation
  • KentuckyOne Health
  • Owsley Brown III
  • Jim and Libby Voyles
  • Fund for the Arts 
  • New Directions Housing Corporation
  • Institute for Healthy Air, Water and Soil
  • Private donations through Creative Agents of Change Foundation, Inc.
  • Smoketown Neighborhood Association
  • YouthBuild Louisville
  • Bates Memorial Church
  • University of Louisville's Commonwealth Institute of Kentucky
  • Muhammad Ali Institute for Peace & Justice

 Muhammad Ali Scholars canvasing Smoketown for Project HEAL's  One Poem at a Time .

Muhammad Ali Scholars canvasing Smoketown for Project HEAL's One Poem at a Time.

"Now my life is really starting - fighting racism, fighting injustice, fighting illiteracy, fighting poverty - using the face the world knows so well and going out and fighting for the truth."     ~Muhammad Ali

Smoketown was where Muhammad Ali learned to box!  On the same streets once walked by "The Greatest", the young leaders in the program named for him, canvased the neighborhood helping to support Project HEAL's One Poem at a Time developed by artist Hannah Drake.

The Ali Scholars Program, offered by the Muhammad Ali Institute to full-time undergraduate University of Louisville students, is a unique 2-year experience combining training, research and service in theareas of social justice, violence prevention and peace building.  A specialfeature of the Ali Scholars' experience is international travel to explore peace building and social justice in a different cultural, political, andeconomic reality.  The students develop particular expertise in an area of the work that best connects to their skills, interests and abilities and conduct a research project in this "expert area." Equipped with a solid knowledge base and organizing skills, the Ali Scholars provide service hosting on-campus events, furthering the work of the Ali Institute and Ali Center, and designing and implementing social change projects.  Program students are expected to emerge with a values-based model of leadership, impacting their home communities, and ultimately their nations and the world.

Smoketown - One Poem At  A Time 

Muhammad Ali once said, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.”

In Smoketown, we stand on the shoulders of dreamers like Ali

Where we are building generations of greatness and rebuilding but never forgetting our history.

Lifelong friendships begin in Smoketown. We are not just neighbors, we are family.

We have faced disappointments and challenges

Some in our community have fallen too soon

However, we know that healing a community is a process and that healing begins one step at a time.

It won’t happen overnight and many great things don’t

But anything is possible with hope.

We are committed to doing the work

In Smoketown, we have never been worried about getting our hands dirty and rolling up our sleeves to get the job done.

We come from freed slaves that built a community among smokestacks and shotgun houses—we know that we thrive when we work together.

We are setting the foundation for the generation that will come after us because investing in our youth today yields promise for our future tomorrow.

We are planting seeds of promise among the smokestacks and concrete cracks because we know even a rose will fight to grow through the concrete.

Here we fight for excellence.

We won’t settle for anything less than greatness because we are worthy. Worthy of everything.

We deserve the right to live, to breathe, to simply be!

We deserve the chance for our souls to dance and for us to move to the rhythm of resilience. When you hear the drumbeats know that majestic magnificent music is for everyone in Smoketown.

Together we are better. Together we stand and together we will rise.

After 150 years we are still here.

We rise from the smoke and ashes like the phoenix.

This is Smoketown

This is Smoketown Remembering, Reclaiming, Rising…

One Poem At A Time.