Project HEAL artists are working with the Louisville Department of Public Health & Wellness, Institute for Healthy Air Water & Soil to discover new ways for supporting ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE for Smoketown (and neighboring Shelby Park) families. Your answers to the questions below will help create a vision for where resources are needed. The survey is anonymous but your words may appear in communication about the community.


To thank the community for completing the survey... the Smoketown/Shelby Park Neighborhoods will receive two Air Monitors to track levels of pollution linked to asthma attacks and other breathing problems.

The Institute for Healthy Air Water and Soil will provide the air quality monitors and train  residents on how to use the sensors and understand the information the sensors collect.

Smoketown/Shelby Park Neighborhood neighborhood groups, churches and businesses – will be able monitor indoor and outdoor air with these sensors. The sensors will spend about a month in each location and then move to a new one.  This information will help YouthBuild Louisville understand where to plant more trees..  The more trees, the cleaner the air!

Read more here and watch a video of the simple set up process for the air monitor.