One of HEAL Smoketown’s signature initiatives is One Poem At A Time — originally designed by IDEAS xLab team member/artist Hannah Drake with photos by team member/artist Josh Miller and public health research support from team member/artist, Theo Edmonds and University of Louisville School of Public Health researcher, Carmen Mitchell.

Working with community members, the Smoketown Neighborhood Association and other community stakeholders, One Poem At A Time replaces negative/predatory advertising and billboards within the community with positive images and messages depicting Smoketown residents and lifting up their voices.


This initiative which combined the arts, health research and advocacy for culturally-responsive economic ultimately led to Smoketown Residents defeating 2 new liquor stores attempting to locate in the neighborhood. Additionally, Metro Louisville Government changing its notification policy city-wide for applications filed to open new liquor stores. Our community is grateful for the support and collaboration of Metro Government in this initiative. Click here to learn about the liquor store battle in Smoketown.