Important Medicaid / Homeless Information

The Kentucky Health Medicaid waiver goes into effect on July 1.  Family Health Centers-Phoenix will work to help ensure that homeless individuals maintain their Medicaid coverage. 

A crucial aspect for homeless individuals is Medically Frail (MF) status.  If an individual is deemed MF, they are exempt from work requirements and premiums for (up to) a year.  One of the categories that qualifies someone to be MF is chronic homelessness.  The original regulations used HUD’s definition of chronic homelessness but the state has said this has changed to three months of homelessness within 12 months (although we have not seen the final wording of this).

An individual can self-attest to being homeless which allows them immediate coverage (assuming all other eligibility requirements are met).  However, if they do so, it is only good for 6 months and an individual can only self-attest once every 5  years.  If a Medicaid-billable provider submits a Medically Frail Provider full Attestation form of homelessness instead, it is good for one year and can be renewed annually.  So…for individuals who are not in an immediate medical need situation, we plan to recommend they not self-attest for coverage if they have a provider who can submit the Medically Frail full attestation form instead (based on Provider observation, patient self report, health/HMIS records). 

We believe it will take (at minimum) 3-5 days for a full MF attestation to be processed, approved and show in the applicable health care systems.  But, if able to do so, this will allow the individual the ability to save their self-attestation if needed in the future.  We feel this will be of particular importance to our homeless population as they are at even higher risk of Medicaid insurance gaps and loss of coverage given all the multiple new ways to lose coverage starting 7/1/18.

Feel free to contact Andy Patterson if you have any questions and for further updates at:

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Director of Homeless Services

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