Visioning Smoketown Green Spaces with Youth

Many thanks to those of you who were able to attend the Capstone Studio presentation.  Rather you attended or was unable to attend, we are sharing the link to the Story Map.  Please feel free to share with your networks.  We will follow-up again soon with a link to the final report.

We are especially grateful to Chris Rasheed and his students for bringing the greenspace network concepts, and this project, to life. We would also like to extend a big thank you to everyone who offered their suggestions, ideas, and support for our work over the course of the semester. 

As was mentioned during the presentation, our story map, "Visioning a Greenspace Network with Smoketown Youth", will live on (forever!) as an online resource for Smoketown residents and community organizations.  

In addition to the story map, our final report document will also be available on the MUP website. Again, this report includes a wealth of information and goes even deeper into the context of each site, our youth engagement process and takeaways, and it extensively details all of our recommendations - both place-making and place-keeping - for Smoketown’s greenspace network. Additionally, our report includes a fully replicable set of lesson plans for engaging with young people about issues of urban planning, community vision, and citizen action. We invite anyone and everyone to follow these guidelines as a way to bring youth to the table, and for starting conversations with them about their neighborhood and their role in it.

We sincerely hope the story map and our report will be useful to the Neighborhood Association as Smoketown makes progress towards finalizing the neighborhood plan, and we look forward to keeping up with all the empowering energy and folks making positive changes throughout the neighborhood!