You Can Start Again!

Hey Smoketown/Shelby Park and all the viewers out there, Project Heal's Try HEALTH is an initiative that encourages Smoketown and those around to TRY Health in a way that works for them. 

This summer has flew by so quickly and for the month of June, we encouraged you to eat one fresh fruit and/or vegetable a day for and July do any physical activity everyday for 30 days. How did you do? Did you try anything new? Was you able to follow through? If not, then don't feel bad, I didn't either. The great thing is, trying health wasn't just for June & July. It can really be done any month. 

Whatever you was able to do, I congratulate you. If you are wanting to get starting, all applause to you. I'm starting fresh for the month of August. So get up and get ready to start start over, or continue where you left off. I guarantee that you won't have any regrets and you'll be happy that you tried HEALTH.

Please join us on Smoketown Website and Facebook for healthy recipes from African Heritage Old Ways website, inspirational quotes and to share your TRY HEALTH goals, challenges and accomplishments. I've started  with NO meat, NO dairy for this month and I'm half way through and feel great.  

Whether it be 30-days or 60-days, I encourage you to just TRY HEALTH!