The Holidays are full of family, friends, fun, and lots of eats and sweets but one thing is for sure, the more you eat, the more those pounds start to stack up on the body. Thanks to the YMCA''s initiative of HEALTHY LIVING CHALLENGE that's just minutes away to help you stay active and fit.

Throughout the year, they will encourage you to complete different fitness challenges to improve your well being while also having fun! During the holiday season, they encourage you to join the HOLIDAY HUSTLE which had started NOVEMBER 1st and runs until DECEMBER 31st.

Join the YMCA nearest you in their annual Holiday Hustle where you have a challenge of completing 30 workouts in 61 days! The holidays have a reputation for overindulgence and putting exercise on the last page of the "to do" list. The Holiday Hustle will help you stay focused through this busy tome of year!

What: Holiday Hustle

When: November 1-December 31

Rate: Facility Members: $7 (includes t-shirt)


  • An acceptable workout will consist of 30 minutes or more of exercise.
  • When you complete a workout, stop by the Front Desk for a sticker.
  • When you receive your sticker, walk over to our Holiday Hustle board and put the sticker by your name to verify you completed a workout for the day.
  • Only one sticker per day.


For more information, contact Ashtyn Begley at abegley@ymcalouisville.org or at 502.933.9622.