2018 Health Care Enrollment Now Open!

Open Enrollment for 2018 Marketplace health insurance plans at healthcare.gov is quickly approaching. This year’s open enrollment, which runs from November 1 until December 15, is what’s known as a passive enrollment period. Kentuckians who already have a health plan purchased on the exchange do not have to do anything for their coverage to continue in 2018. Policyholders will have the same plan for 2018 or their coverage will move from their current plan to an available 2018 option that most closely matches their current coverage.

Current plan holders, and those who want to view 2018 options on the exchange, can now go to healthcare.gov and use the shopping tool. For new users, the federal marketplace requires the creation of a user account and a completed online application.

About 80 percent of Kentuckians enrolled in the exchange qualify for tax credits or subsidies that reduce their monthly health insurance premiums. For most of those who quality, the credits will off-set premium increases so the cost of insurance in 2018 will be about the same. A state-based call center is available at 855-459-6328 to assist Kentuckians with questions about where to go for coverage. The call center can help prescreen for program eligibility and help with questions and information. The HealthCare.gov customer service center is also available. It can be reached by calling 800-318-2596. The healthcare.gov call center is open 24/7.