Hey Smoketown/Shelby Park and all the viewers out there, Project Heal's Try HEALTH is an initiative that encourages Smoketown and those around to TRY Health in a way that works for them. 

For the month of June, we encourage you to eat one fresh fruit and/or vegetable a day for 30 days. From strawberries to tomatoes or squash to eggplant, whatever fresh fruit and/or vegetable you enjoy, just TRY HEALTH!

For the month of July, we encourage you to do one healthy activity a day. From walking through your neighborhood or park to biking to work or boxing at the gym to taking a swim. Whatever the activity, we encourage you to get your body moving and in gear for your over all well being. TRY HEALTH!

Please join us on the Smoketown Website and Facebook for healthy recipes from African Heritage Old Ways web;site, inspirational quotes and to share your TRY HEALTH goals, challenges and accomplishments.

Whether it be 30-days or 60-days, we encourage you to just TRY HEALTH! 



Mayor Summer Works

*We are actively connecting you to job opportunities. If you don't have a resume on file with us, please create one ASAP and e-mail it to Many of our employers require this and we want to ensure you have the best opportunity.

*If you're in need of a job right now, check out our Jobs Now page to see what's available.       Push the Limits

Answer Work Phone Calls Properly

In a world of email and texting, you'd be surprised how important phone calls are to business. For example, should you let the work phone ring more than three times? No. Should you be warm and enthusiastic when answering the work phone? Yes. If you want to ensure you're fully prepared for your new job, make sure to use these tips to improve your phone answering skills.

Opportunities to Grab

May 23 - Ongoing

Kentucky Workforce Scholarship Application

Jumpstart Your Job Search

Jewish Family & Career Services, 2821 Klempner Way

Need support finding a job? These sessions will help you develop a job search plan, boost your resume, and master interviewing skills. For more information and to register, visit here.

June 12, June 19, July 10, and July 24 (Mondays), 9:00a - 3:00p

TALK Cyber Camps

Neighborhood House, 201 N. 25th St.

Louisville Central Community Center, 1300 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd.

Interested in learning more about technology? Pick 1 of the 4 week-long sessions taught by high school teachers and college educators. You will explore robotics, programming, and electricity. Interested? Contact Deborah Grant at 502-583-8823 or Julie Anderson at 502-774-2322.

June 17 (Saturday), 10:00a - 2:00pm

Entrepreneur Fair

Main Library Auditorium, 301 York Street, South Building

Do you want to start a business or non-profit? Questions about patents or marketing? Interested in an MBA? Representatives from local organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions that support entrepreneurship will be on hand to answer questions, exchange ideas, and offer support. Interested? Contact Business Reference Librarian Seth Cohen at 502-574-1627 or

Wow Your Boss

It's My First Day. When Do I Show Up to Work?

Planning to get to your job a few minutes early for your first day of work? No. You can do better. Instead, arrive extra early for your first day of work. By showing up extra early, you'll have additional time if needed in case you forgot something at home or if traffic is bad. Second, showing up extra early gives a great first impression to your supervisor. Finally, showing up extra early allows for you to calm your nerves before you begin your first day.

Enthusiasm Welcome (Volunteer!)

Boys & Girls Clubs of Kentuckiana

Are you looking for a potential volunteer opportunity? The Boys & Girls Clubs of Kentuckiana has numerous opportunities to become involved at their Newburg, Parkland, and Shawnee locations. Interested volunteers should visit here and contact Tina Hood at

Resources to Know

Dress For Success

Are you a young woman looking for professional attire? Last week we mentioned the Unique Thrift Store with their incredible clothing deals, but this week we want to highlight Dress For Success and their mission to empower young women. Client services include suiting, employment retention, job training, and a career center. Interested? Contact Dress For Success at 502-584-8050 or visit their office at 309 Guthrie Street.


Neighborhood Place Partners Host a Fruit and Boot Camp, a Healthy Living Club and Much More

Spring and summer are great times to focus on health and fitness and Neighborhood Place partners have lined up events that do just that including a Fruit and Boot Camp, a Healthy Living Club and a Diabetes Self-Management Series. 

About Neighborhood Place  
Louisville’s Neighborhood Place -- a partnership of Louisville Metro Government (including the Office of Resilience and Community Services, and Public Health and Wellness), Jefferson County Public Schools, Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services and Centerstone (formerly Seven Counties Services) -- provides community-based centers which bring together health care, education, employment and social services at eight locations across the community. To find a Neighborhood Place in your neighborhood, please call Metro Call at 311.

Believe me, they have various workshops to meet your needs. To learn more visit




Summer Of Justice Program is an initiative that focuses on the five Senses of Justice using workshops, group discovery, analysis and talk backs to discover what justice looks, sounds, tastes, feels and smell like on a personal, community and global level.

The Summer of Justice Program believes in the power of youth to use their experiences and voices to impact change and will be offered for FREE to middle and high school youth in and around the Smoketown Neighborhood.

The program will incorporate workshops in drumming, poetry, rap, urban farming, food justice, and group empowerment. The youth will then take their Summer of Justice experience and contact local and state representatives about what they have learned and the changes they would like to make in  their community.

The Summer of Justice Program will be held every Tuesday and Thursday beginning June 8, 2017 from 5-7 pm at Presbyterian Community Center, 731 S. Hancock St. then transition to Coke Memorial UMC (house) 910 S. Jackson St on June 20, 2017.

As part of Project HEAL (Health, Equity, Art, Leaning), the Summer of Justice Program will be led by IDEAS xLab Community Health Champion, ShawnNika Queen and Cultural Producer, Hannah Drake.

If you have have further questions contact

ShawnNika Marie Queen

Project H.E.A.L. Community Health Champion

Click Here to learn more about Project HEAL.


If you are interested in registering your youth, click on the Project HEAL tab.



GREAT NEWS for all parents that have kids/youth that need to get around town for summer activities. For years, TARC has offered SUMMER YOUTH PASSES for youth ages 6-17. These passes are only $30 for the months of June, July, and yes, even August. How awesome is that. 

What a DEAL! The summer tarc pass is way less than the regular pass for the month. I can personally say that I'm getting mine next week for my two active teens. They will be available for purchase on Monday, May 22, 2017. You can get yours from the TARC station located at 10th & Broadway or order online at Don't let this DEAL pass you by.